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Dear cold:
You must be gone by next Wednesday. I'm need to hit high notes and can't have you leaving your phlem all over the place. If you absolutely must spend some time with me, we could schedule a time for your return, but right now, you're inconvenient. It's not me, it's you. Go away.
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Borders update

So while the original Books A Million deal didn't go thorugh, there is a new deal on the table that needs to be approved by the courts for settlement by Aug 29th, because the leases all go up for auction on the 31st. There are 14 stores on the list that Books A Million is trying to buy:

89 (Columbia MD)
125 (Bangor ME)
133 (South Portland ME)
136 (Dayton OH)
138 (Eau Claire WI)
168 (Traverse City MI)
193 (Mays Landing NJ)
292 (Davenport IA)
334 (Edwardsville IL)
340 (Concord NH)
369 (Rapid City SD)
394 (West Lebanon NH)
442 (Scranton PA)
524 (Waterford CT)

They've also worked directly with landlords on 10 stores and will be taking these over:
Pottersville, IN
Fredricksburg, VA
Sumter, SC
Concord, NC
Erie, PA
Monroe MI
Huntington, WV
Dubuque, OH
Sandusky, OH
St. Clairsville, OH
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The Borders in Columbia by Target is on the list of 30 stores that Books a Million is proposing to take over. I've never actually shopped at a BAM, but I do love the location of that current Borders and my fingers are crossed for all of the people who work there, since along with the furniture, inventory and leases, they're talking about preserving the jobs of the people currently in those stores.
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Baby Biking and Bright Sided

 I'm doing a Walk About on Saturday morning with Paige. I was supposed to do the Bike About version with a few friends, and I got a bike seat for her for Mother's Day, but I couldn't find any helmets in stores around here that would have been small enough to fit her. I went online and found all sorts of recommendations about not biking with a baby until s/he hits twelve months, and I was going to give up on it until the fall, when she'll be a year, but it looks like the reasoning behind the age limit is that the baby's neck might not be up for the bike's jostling, and the helmets can also be heavy. She's always had good neck control, so I'm not worried about the movement of the bike, and I did find a helmet that was light weight and meets all of the safety recs, so we ordered that one online. It has straps to make it adjustable up through two years. It won't get here until Monday, so it'll be too late for the Bike About, but now that I think about it, it's probably better to try my first bike ride with her on my own, where I can stay close to home in case she doesn't like it or if there are any issues, rather than on a long trail with a large group of cyclists.

I'm having trouble with the book club book - Brightsided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking is Ruining America. I have a Large Print version, since the library had plenty of those, and that really isn't helping - Large Print feels like ALL CAPS, and her tone definitely isn't helping the ALL CAPS feeling. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the book club meeting, so that incentive to keep reading it in order to discuss it is gone. I'd completely forgotten when we were scheduling it that P's new work schedule has him working Wed - Sat, and since it's after Paige's bedtime, I'll need to be at home.

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Grr. Arrgh.

Still fighting the copays for the prenatal visits from the first doctor's office. They seem to be under the impression that because I changed doctors and they didn't get the money for delivery, that the visits I had with them magically changed into something other than prenatal visits and I should have to pay for them as if they were regular doctor visits. Now I'm trying to get my insurance company to step up, since I have this wonderful little piece of paper called the Summary of Benefits that states that I do not pay any copays or coinsurance on prenatal visits. I had a case open with the insurance company already, but the woman who was handling it is no longer with the company and apparently none of her cases were reassigned. So I'm back to square one with them. Well, square two, since I opened a new case yesterday and faxed them stuff this morning.

And in other health news I get to go to the doctor on Wednesday to find out what the heck is wrong with me. My blood pressure has been up lately so I had blood work done last week and there were a couple of levels that were wonky. I'm really hoping that it's all related to one fixable thing because if these all have to be looked at individually, I'm in so much trouble. But since one of the wonky things was my thyroid, and thyroid issues lead to weight issues and everything on my list of bad things can usually be blamed on weight issues, maybe 5 birds, one stone?
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 Happy March! 

I know it's still cold and I had to wear gloves and a coat this morning, but the daffodils are coming up, so Spring really is almost here!

I've been feeling a little run down lately, so in an effort to cheer me up, Pat, Paige, and I headed down to DC on Sunday.  We went to the National Gallery of Art (despite our *GPS, which was convinced that the museum is actually in Hyattsville) and saw the Venice exhibition. The gondola outside the exhibition was really neat - mostly black, with bits of leather and brass. I'm not sure how practical brass would be near the water, now that I think about it - it would probably take a lot of polishing to keep it that shiny, but it had a really cool feel to it.  As for the exhibition itself, well, it was too crowded to really get close to the paintings. It was also on two levels separated by a gorgeous winding staircase, which, while gorgeous and marble, was not stroller friendly. Actually, all of MOMA is pretty unfriendly to wheels. All but one of the elevators are small and "artfully" shaped, meaning not square or rectangular, and by small, I mean claustrophobically tiny. I can't imagine how anyone in a wheelchair or a scooter would manage in them. They certainly wouldn't be able to bring any friends or family along for the ride.

We had lunch in the sculpture garden and watched the ice skaters. There were a couple people in the middle of the ice working on spins while everyone else did circles around the rink, including a very determined two  or three year old who walked in her skates while clutching the guard rail as if her life depended on it.

After the sandwiches (I heart packed lunch picnics), we went to the museum. It was Paige's first, and she really enjoyed seeing all of the people. The security guards in each room kept coming over to talk to her, and she loved every bit of it. She's big enough now that she can sit up front in the stroller rather than in the car seat on top of the stroller, so she was looking around and smiling at people. The fountain in the rotunda was surrounded by flowers. Along with the landscape paintings, it was my favorite sight - kind of like an oasis of spring. 

*Yes, we know how to get there, but the GPS was saying it could get us there in 20 minutes! In retrospect, that should have been our first clue that something was up.

I love love. Pass this along.

 On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Rob Garagiola of Montgomery County introduced a bill to achieve marriage equality for all Marylanders. The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act (SB116) would finally provide same-sex couples and their families the recognition and protections they deserve.

I just faxed my state senator, calling for their vote in support of marriage equality during this legislative session. You should do the same. Use this easy and free tool to send your own fax right now:
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Paige's first Gaiman

I read her "Blueberry Girl" last night and she loved the pictures. P got a little jealous that I read her the first Gaiman...maybe he'll read her the first Stephen King. :) We've been doing story time with a couple of different kinds of books. She loves the books with a lot of color and a few lines of text on each page the best, but also seems to enjoy the books with textured parts. She doesn't really like the ones with large blocks of text next to the pictures; she'll tolerate them as long as I'm pointing out different parts of the picture during the story, but I don't think she's quite up for those yet. But for the ones she loves, like Blueberry Girl last night, she'll stare at the pictures and help turn the pages, which just cracks me up. After we read a story, she likes holding the book for a couple of seconds and she'll get really upset if we skip that part. We usually read two little books a night, but it can't be the same one twice in the same night, because she'll get upset with that too. She'll have her two stories, and then it's bath and bedtime. But here are some pics from last night - Collapse )