p_sunshine's Journal

P Sunshine
25 August
Blonde haired green eyed writer gal.
My first manuscript, Little Fish, is currently hiding in a box while I work on the rough draft of a new story. LF is about a coroner who discovers that there's a supernatural killer in the water.

In the small lake town of Ira, PA, coroner Evie Dalton just started her first case. It's an old man, sitting in his easy chair with a dagger in his heart. The problem – he's frozen solid, and everything in his house is wet. She sees a man, standing out on the middle of the lake, without a boat, staring up at her. Sure, she could go get the Sheriff, but she'd rather find out what's up with the man who's standing on water, because that's pretty good for an illusion, and he may have seen something that could help her figure out why her first corpse is a popsicle. She goes down to ask the man a few questions, and that's when the real trouble starts.
The man in the water is the spirit of the lake and he knows exactly what happened to the old man. Unfortunately, so does the spirit of the rain, and she's none too happy that Evie is poking into their world. She's already gotten the spirit of fog out of her way. What's one more human?

Little Fish is about 75,000 words, but it needs another draft before it's ready to go out on submission again.